Agritourism il Pintello

Our History

My name is Giuglia and I was born in 1985 and I am a mother to two very beautiful girls named Alice and Marta. My life partner is named Claudia.

In my youth, I was always an athlete, I played for the Italian National softball team and in the Serie A category of soccer in Florence.

My Father, Marco, has dedicated his whole life to the organic cultivation of Vineyards and Olive trees, handing down his love for all this natural beauty and labor to me. Also remembering to teach me to never give up. These are words I on a daily basis use as affirmation to myself, and it has been helpful to bring my passion into my labor on a daily basis.

My Mother , Silvia is a breeder and dog trainer of Jack Russel dogs. With whom she is experienced with the practices of Pet Therapy in dog training.

Agritourism il Pintello

Our little space

In this small village, Il Pintello, the place I was born in, where my father from an initial start, as a form of recreational entertainment asked me to manage the tourist aspect of the Company. Rightfully so, after all I had studied languages!

I was naive to not know and understand that providing hospitality would later become my philosophy of life!

I truly love and adore taking care of people, helping them feel at home and pampering them!

I love helping people organize what could be the best vacation after a laborious career work year.

Il Pintello farmhouse agritourism Company was born in the Tuscan Countryside in the precise heart of the Chianti Hills in the municipality of San Casciano val Di Pesa in the province of Florence.

Il Pintello is surrounded by over 25 acres of Countryside and woods. Originally cultivated only for olive Orchards and Vineyards along with Fruit trees.
Today, those who travel and arrive to visit us are able to see the splendor of the completely renovated Agritourism Farm Buildings , which are now dedicated to welcoming Guests both to our small tavern on the grounds. It is possible to dine there or to stay in one of our delightfully and completely restored Tuscan apartments that at one time simply served as rural buildings.