For us Nature is important

Nature trail

Il Pintello agritourism has a peculiarity that makes it even more unique and evocative. It is the presence of a nature trail inside the property.

What is found is a network of paths developed throughout the area on the grounds of the property. This trail connects the characteristic points of Il Pintello, both from a naturalistic point of view and a functional aspect. The naturalistic point of view is the woods, animal enclosures, olive grove, the vineyard and the area of the beehives with the bees, the small fruit orchard and lastly the pond. The functional aspect is composed of the farmhouse , the tavern and the bungalows.


Trails wind their way around the various points of interest of the farm, giving you a choice of routes to follow.

At the pond, lovers of relaxation can enjoy the most intimate and exclusive corners, with the possibility of having a nice picnic in the picnic area.