It is very possible and probable that when you reach the peak of the hilltop you will be welcomed by Bellatrix and Uma. They are the 2 very sweet Greyhounds of the property. Or you might very well be greeted by Aisha , our very shy mutt canine of the property.

If you are fortunate and lucky enough , during a walk of the property or a climb of the hills of the area, you will spot Roe Deer that inhabit this great land. On these grounds you are also likely to experience sightings of owls, hedgehogs, Nightingales, Blackbirds, Hoopoes and many squirrels.

Amongst the sheltered path, you can also spot several host hive communities of precious bees. These creatures are essential to our ECOsystem that every year produce for us the most delicious and genuine Honey.

Sale and Menta, are our two favorite and very friendly Donkeys , who live at Il Pintello zoo family are always ready to receive your attention and caress. They compliment each other so well in company.