Sharing food in the open air dates back to ancient origins. It is known that the Romans loved to organize bucolic snacks in caves , near a spring or in the huts they built on trees...


Today the transversal fashion of a picnic, for lunch or dinner will be the escape and new routine for gatherings which unite conservatives and rebels, aristocrats and commoners, fine palates and paladins of mortadella. To speak the truth, it is not such a difficult fashion to mount, as there are no fixed models to be inspired by... just the very simplicity of a tablecloth, bamboo plates and glasses, a little bit of joy and soon the experience is soon completed.
Because everyone sometimes yearns to be like a child again and enjoy eating while seated on a lawn or prairie, to uncomfortably enjoy the company of ants!

The word “picnic” derived from the French, which means to nibble on a small thing.
But, you mustn’t let the term mislead you, because it has a rich traditional history, dating back to antiquity.