Yes,... Stay at Il Pintello!

The importance of outdoor play for children has great educational value.

The contact with nature and the environment allows growth both from a physical and social point of view. It represents a real gym to sharpen the senses and develop skills.

Thanks to the luck of having a beautiful farm surrounded by nature, we wanted to make it available to everyone. We wanted to share our passion for nature, for animals, for play and for fun! This is how the summer camp at Il Pintello was born!


Our day includes an initial moment of welcome followed by all the morning’s activities related to the animal world and rural life.

After lunch, we leave room for rest and free play, and then resume the afternoon workshop activity, which can include outdoor games, creative workshops, cooking classes, etc.
At the end of these activities there will be a swim in the pool, followed by snacks and farewell for the day.

What I want to offer every summer is a proposal of weeks of play and adventure in nature and with the contact with animals on the grounds. This direct experience is the privileged way of approaching the animals.
The belief “doing together” can make children protagonists, always under the guidance of a competent adult. The adult-child ratio is about 1 to 5 and on this farm there are educators and camp counselors with extensive experience.